Sonntag, 23. Dezember 2012


I've seen this cute granny selling nuts at a food market in Harbin. Her friendly charisma just overwhelmed me and thus ended the week.

Donnerstag, 20. Dezember 2012

Low Carb Pizza

This is one my favorite Low-Carb recipe - very easy and so delicious.

Low Carb Pizza

What you need:

3 eggs
Italien spices
80g ground almonds
1 ts guar flour
1-2 tb parmesan

Beat the egg whites until they are white and solid. Mix the egg yolks with the spices, the almonds and the flour. Add the Parmesan. Lift the egg whites gently into the dough at the end. Distribute the dough on a baking tray with the help of a tablespoon.

Bake the dough for 10 minutes at 200 degrees. Take it out of the Oven and start with the topping.

What you need:

2 tb Tomato paste
Italian spices
Ingredients of your choice

Mix the tomato paste with Italian spices and a little water. Spread it over the pizza crust. Place some ingredients like ham, salami, vegetable or seafood. I like the pizza with fresh tomatoes and basil. Cover the pizza with cheese and bake it at 200 degrees again for more or less then 10min. Enjoy!

Dienstag, 18. Dezember 2012

German breakfast with spelt bran and flax seed

One of my favorite breakfast in Germany. I really miss it.

What you need:

300g  natural yoghourt
3-4 tb spelt bran
1 tb flax seeds
1 ts honey
Cinnamon or Vanilla-Flavor

Cut the fruits and mix everything in a bowl. Add a little bit of the flavor and enjoy! Very easy and healthy.

Chocolate sticks

It became a kind of tradition for me, to make pralines at christmastime. Last year I was running out of time, so I choosed a very quick and easy version of delicious chocolate-presents. I bought some cheep ice cube trays at IKEA, made of silicone, and filled them with different kind of chocolate. The results are these nice chocolates sticks.

What you need:

Different kinds of chocolate : I choosed dark, milk and white chocolate. How much you need depends on the shape of your ice cube trays but don't use all of the chocolate because you need more for the decoration.

Decoration could be stuff like: nuts, sugarpearls, dried fruit, brittle, sesam etc.

Melt the chocolate in the microwave or waterbath, add some flavor like minced nuts and dried fruits or whatever you want and fill it into the ice cube tray. Be careful that the chocolate will not become to hot, otherwise it will loose the brightness. Let it be fixed and get it out carefully . Now melt some chocolate again. Maybe another kind of and spread it over the sticks.
sprinkle the decoration on the chocolate while it is still soft.

Here a few variations that I tried last year:

Dark chocolate with dried apricots and coconut
White chocolate with pistachio
Milk chocolate with sesam
Dark and milk chocolate with brittle
Milk chocolate with hazelnuts and white decoration
Milk chocolate with white decoration and sugarpearls...etc.

Montag, 17. Dezember 2012

Free Hug Goes China

One week ago a korean friend asked me, if I want to join them for a "Free hug" action at the main shopping street of my city. At the moment I'm living in Shenyang / China. It's the fifth largest city in China, but only a few foreigners live here and as a european girl you got more attention than you would like.

First I was sceptical because people watching me everyday and a few times they even started to touch me. But then i realized, that it might be a good chance for overcoming my loneliness which overwhelmed me from time to time. So I went with the korean boys to the "Zhong Jie", the temperature outside was freezing cold, but it was great. I didn't expected that so many people want to hug me, because sometimes chinese people can be very shy. With each hug, more and more people use their opportunity and made me happy too. An old man gave us a warm soup as a present and it felt like 100 groups of girl running up to me this day. They left our group with a smilie, a photo of me holding my plaque and sometimes really nice words came over their lips, which touched my heart. What a great experience.

German Canyons

Grand Canyons of my hometown in Germany

Christmas Porridge

My Favorite Breakfast In Christmastime - Christmas Porridge

What you need:

A handful of oatmeal
Some dried cranberries and apricots
A few walnuts
Cinnamon and Sugar

Mix the oatmeal with the milk, a little bit sugar and cinnamon. Cut the dried fruits and walnuts in small pieces and mix everything in a bowl. Enjoy!